S1, E3: Pack Mentality

We return to our hero Scott on a steamy date with Allison in a…broken down old bus. Hmm, maybe think a little more about location next time buddy? A deserted bus is not a great place for a date. It does however turn out to be a great place for murder when he wolfs-out and kills her! Well, I guess that’s the end of the Allison story, it was nice while it lasted and…oh? Okay, she’s not dead, it was just a nightmare Scott had. Or was it? The bus from Scott’s dream is found bloody and smashed up. Scott races to find Allison, who is fine. He does accidentally smash DB’s locker in his emotional rage, and DB calls him “Asswipe”, because he is determined to be the best cliché bully he can be.

At lunchtime Scott and Stiles discuss the bus and the old bus driver who was found gravely injured inside. Scott is scared that he accidentally attacked the man because his dream was so vivid, and he wants to go to Derek to ask advice. Scott and Stiles’ lunch is interrupted by the popular group sitting with them, which completely shocks them. Come on Sx2 you know how it works, Scott is good at lacrosse so he has been anointed into the cool club. Lydia forces Scott and Allison to go on a double date with her and DB, but that’s not important because Danny is real! I’m so excited; Danny the gay goalkeeper is real! He got a couple of lines and everything. My OTP shall continue! I’m actually pretty excited about the fact that this show has a canon gay guy, I thought that it was all just Tumblr using their GIF trickery to make this show look a lot more gay than it really is. Also Stiles is concerned that Danny doesn’t find him attractive and yells the line, “Tell me if I’m attractive to gay dudes,” after Scott, so that happened. I polled all the gay guys I live with (one) and the consensus is that gay guys do not find Stiles attractive. Sorry man.

We go to the hospital where Scott’s mother works, so I guess she’s a Doctor or Nurse? Scott goes to talk to the bus driver who freaks out. Admittedly Scott did ask if he was okay while he’s laying in hospital with his face all smushed up. Does he look okay Scott? I’d probably try to strangle the beautiful idiot too. Scott decides to go to Derek for help. Meanwhile Derek is in his creepy, burnt, house, starting dramatically through a window at a sheriff and making the guy’s dog bark so much that he flees. Scott arrives and Derek is all, “Yeah, you’re gonna kill someone,” super casually. He says that his help comes at a cost that will be revealed later, and tells Scott to go to the bus to get his memories back.

Sx2 go to the school under the cover of night, and Stiles complains that Scott always gets to be Batman while he’s stuck being Robin. Poor metaphor dude, Batman doesn’t even have super powers and Scott has wolf powers! He’s more like Wolverine, or the Hulk, and you’re…I guess Robin still, since I can’t think of any human sidekicks from X-Men. In the bus Scott gets some magical flashbacks and remembers more about what happened to the bus driver. He remembers seeing someone else attacking the dude. So yay, Scott isn’t a murderer, now he can go on that date with Allison! (and also not kill Stiles accidentally). 

Lydia and Allison get ready for their double date, and Allison owns a lot of ugly, flowy, print tops that look nothing like the tailored, black and white outfits she’s worn in the show so far. Lydia tries to put a stop to the madness. Allison’s dad forbids her to go out because there’s a wild animal on the loose, and everyone knows that mountain lions love bowling! In rebellion Allison jumps out the window without changing into Lydia’s expertly picked top. Lydia doesn’t do windows, and instead chooses the stairs. 

At the bowling double date Lydia is a terrible bowler, giving DB an opportunity to wrap his arms around her and “help” (he’s not very helpful). I have to admit that DB is super hot, but, like, so is literally every guy on this show. He still has not earned his real name. Allison is great at bowling, and Scott sucks. Then Allison tells Scott to picture her naked, his hormones make him wolf out, and he makes an awesome strike. Damn, next time I go bowling I’m totally picturing Allison naked. Seriously though, is this whole, Scott sucks at something, then wolfs out and is awesome at it thing going to happen in every episode? 

Meanwhile Allison’s dad goes to a petrol station with his hunter buddies while Derek is fuelling up. Derek has a black car, of course (like his soul). Allison’s dad reminds Derek that his family is all dead, and then cleans his windscreen? Then gets one of his lackeys to smash Derek’s window. I don’t understand the purpose of this at all, are they trying to intimidate Derek? Do they know that he’s a werewolf or just suspect it?     

Lydia hits on Scott because he’s now good at bowling and lacrosse, so clearly he’s worth her attention. Scott turns her down and she bowls a perfect strike by herself, because now she’s punishing DB for not being the best male bowler in the group. DB gets pouty and goes to unleash his emotions on a game of pinball. Scott tries to make friends and DB is all, RAGE, I am the Designated Bully, don’t try to be nice to me! Don’t you know my entire purpose is to be antagonistic and angry! DB also tells Scott that he suspects him of being on steroids or something weirder, because Scott’s weird. I’m glad that somebody has noticed Scott constantly turning into a werewolf and performing impossible feats. 

Scott takes Allison home and then goes back to his home, where Stiles has tried climbing into Scott’s room through his window, and almost been attacked by Scott’s mum with a baseball bat, hilariously yelling, “do you even really play baseball?” That’s it Stiles, focus on the really important things. He tells Scott that the bus driver has died, so Scott goes to confront Derek. Derek hasn’t been dramatic enough this episode, so his disembodied voice fills the scorched room as Scott enters his house. Derek denies killing the bus driver or his sister, saying that the body of his sister was being used as bait, for him. Scott’s pretty sure that Derek killed them both though, so he rages into a werewolf. We finally get to see Derek’s wolf form, through a dramatic, walking past dappled glass sequence, (oh Derek) and he has blue wolf eyes, unlike Scott’s yellow, which is interesting. They have a really boring fight for two super powered werewolf brothers/enemies, but I can forgive the show for some bad fights in early episodes. Scott actually yells, “You ruined my life!” because he is a dramatic teenager. Derek reveals that he was not the one who bit Scott, that was the Alpha werewolf, who was also the one who bit Derek. Derek and Scott are both Beta werewolves, and werebrothers! So now we have a new mystery, who is the Alpha werewolf and why does he want Scott? Find out next time! (Maybe, I don’t actually know when this will be resolved, season finale maybe?)    


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