S1, E2: Second Chance at First Line

Our tale picks up in the locker room before a game of lacrosse. Scott is in shock, and informs Stiles about the whole, the dad of the girl I’m crushing on tried to murder me with a crossbow the other night thing. The timeline seems pretty tight, so I’m guessing we’re picking up right after Allison’s dad picked her up, Scott must have gone straight to the locker room for lacrosse. Lacrosse is life. I’ve decided that I am not going to make any effort to learn what lacrosse is beyond what this show shows me. So far from what I understand it is soccer with sticks but super intense and important. Also requires approximately 300 pounds of body armour for some reason.

The guys start their game, Scott is bad and Coach says, “Do you think you can move faster than the lifeless corpse of my dead grandmother?” I seriously love this guy. Scott then hulks out and smashes through Designated Bully (I’m going to call him DB for now for brevity). Since Scott is wolfing out in the middle of the day with no full moon it seems that werewolf form is triggered by emotions in this show, rather than the moon. I think that this is a good call, much more dramatic for a TV show that kind of revolves around it’s leads emotions. Derek stands by the bleachers, looking much less dramatic in mid afternoon with no mood lighting or smoke. Tough break dude. Scott, still in wolf-rage mode, runs into the locker room with Stiles who tries to calm him down but gets attacked. Thinking quickly Stiles grabs a fire extinguisher and…extinguishes the werewolf from Scott. Seriously, that works. I should really learn how to use one of those things, in case of fire or werewolves. 

Later Scott and Stiles are video chatting, and being really dramatic about how Scott can’t play at the Big Lacrosse Game but he has to because lacrosse is life. But it brings out the violence in him? I don’t know, I guess DB’s injury showed that the game can cause injury, but it does not seem like a super rage fuelled sport. Stiles argues that Scott could wolf out and kill someone, but Scott has to play in the Big Lacrosse Game, and, seriously? I don’t care whether Scott plays the game, I want to know more about the werewolf stuff! While they’re chatting, there’s actually a pretty creepy moment where Stiles is trying to tell Scott something but his video freezes so he tries to type it, and the words come up, “it looks like there’s someone behind you”. Legit chills. Scott turns around, is attacked and…lol, it’s just Derek. I’m sorry but I cannot find it in myself to be scared of this guy. He makes some threats, Scott can’t play in the Big Lacrosse Game because he might kill someone and, ugh, I don’t care!

Next scene Scott is talking to Coach about the game and bleh, ok, I guess that’s what this episode is going to be and I have to accept it. Coach says that Scott has to play, Scott says that he can’t because of “reasons” and Coach asks if Scott is gay and tries to set him up with Danny in goalkeeping, which is kind of adorable and the only part of their conversation I care about. Can I ship Scott and Danny? I bet he’s never mentioned again, but OTP! Coach says that Scott needs to play as a way to deal with his aggression and, ok, I guess I’ll accept that lacrosse is a super violent, therapeutic sport? 

I have learned that DB’s real name is Jackson, but I refuse to call him that until he becomes a real character (if ever). Lydia solidifies my eternal love for her, emotionally manipulating Scott into playing the Big Lacrosse Game while simultaneously beating him at solving maths on the chalkboard. She threatens to introduce Allison to all of the sexy lacrosse players (because they are the only boys worth dating) when they go out after the game if Scott doesn’t play. Flawless.

Scott and Styles are convinced that Derek killed the girl in the woods and decide to prove it so that Scott can play in the Big Lacrosse Game! Or, because it’s the right thing to do or something…I don’t know why but I do not buy that Derek killed that girl. Partially because Scott and Stiles think so, and there’s no way those idiots could be right, and partially because Derek is nowhere near as threatening as he thinks he is. They go to the hospital (/morgue?) so that Scott can smell the half of the girl that the police have to check that it’s the same corpse from Derek’s forest. Ha ha, ew, Scott has to sniff a corpse with his super scent, and Stiles is weirdly excited about it. Meanwhile Stiles has to wait in the reception with Lydia who is waiting for DB. Stiles makes a terrible attempt at hitting on her which of course fails. Stiles sweetie, you’re probably going to have to become a star lacrosse player to get my Queen’s attention. DB gets out and says that he’s okay but sore, and Lydia is all, TAKE ALL THE DRUGS SO YOU CAN PLAY LACROSSE. I love how horrible she is.  

Scott confirms that the two halves of the mangled corpse match up, so off he and Stiles venture to dig up a body! Stiles is enthusiastic of course, sweet macabre baby that he is. They find a body buried on Derek’s land, but it’s a wolf’s body! Thankfully Stiles has great werewolf knowledge from Google and late night horror B movies, so he finds some wolfsbane and pulls it out of the ground and there’s a magic circle on the ground and the wolf corpse turns into half a girl’s corpse!

The next day Stiles’ daddy who is Sherriff comes to arrest Derek, still looking very ordinary in plain daylight. Derek tells Stiles to stop Scott from playing in the Big Lacrosse Game at all costs. Scott and Stiles discuss werewolf mythology on the drive back from Derek’s house. Why was the girl a different type of wolf than Scott? Is this a new breed or do women turn into full wolves while men turn into Wolverine? Did Derek kill her because she’s a different breed of werewolf? I like this, all this discussion is good. But Scott isn’t that interested in finding out more about his new werewolf powers, and seeing if he can become a freaking wolf, because he has to concentrate on the Big Lacrosse Game. Sigh, Scott baby, you’re going to make me hate you. He freaks out about, well, everything, goes wolf, then immediately goes to Allison’s house to stalk her. This goes about as well as you’d imagine, by which I mean he falls off her roof and gets hit by her dad’s car. Thankfully he turns back into a human before Allison and her dad see him, but Alli’s Daddy’s suspicions are aroused and he invites himself to the Big Lacrosse Game, because of course he did, it’s so freaking important. Scott does hilariously apologise for hitting her dad’s car with his body though, so I like him again.

It’s the night of the Big Lacrosse Game! Thank god, it will be over soon. I hope every episode doesn’t have this werewolves/lacrosse ratio. Coach tells DB to suck it up if his shoulder hurts and DB looks sad for a moment, like, “why does nobody care if I’m okay, is lacrosse the only important thing about me?” and I feel a spark of sympathy. But only for a moment, I’m not letting him have his real name yet. The game is super intense, helped along by some dramatic cuts and angles and sound effects. It also looks freezing, everybody’s breath is fogging in front of them, which is admittedly very dramatic. Scott plays poorly, DB told everyone not to pass to Scott, Scott goes wolf and dominates. It’s actually kind of hilarious, one guy from the other team just passes him the ball, like, “nope, lacrosse isn’t worth this dude growling at me”. He also shoots the ball so hard that it rips through the goalkeeper’s stick net thing. 

They win the game and everybody runs over to celebrate, but Scott flees to the locker room because he’s still wolfy. But somehow nobody noticed? Allison chases after him, into the dark, enclosed room, and it’s actually a pretty tense scene. Scott smashed a mirror (oh no, you don’t need more bad luck dude!) but when Allison finds him he’s fine. She forgives him, they kiss, Stiles watches from the shadows. After Allison leaves Scott is all giddy, because who cares about the almost accidentally killing people thing, Allison kissed him! But Stiles spoils his mood with news that the Sherriff thinks the mangled corpse in Derek’s yard was killed by an animal, so Derek is free. And even more shockingly the body has been identified as Derek’s sister! DUN DUN DUN. Meanwhile, on the empty field, DB picks up Scott’s lacrosse glove, punctured by his woolfy claws. Derek surveys him from afar, dramatically lit by the field lights and the rolling smoke. Yay, he finally got his dramatic lighting shot! Good for you bro.

How is Scott going to handle this turn of events? Find out next time!


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