Blogging Teen Wolf Intro

I’ve been meaning to watch Teen Wolf for ages. I watched the first episode way back when it aired, and wasn’t really interested. But my friends have told me to power through the first season and from what I’ve seen on Tumblr it looks like it gets a lot better.

So I thought that it would be fun to record my reactions and thoughts on the show episode by episode. I’ve never gone into a show before that I knew would start campy and light and turn into some dark, in depth stories.

I do know a little bit about Teen Wolf, I wasn’t very careful about avoiding spoilers, so I feel like I should put everything I know out on the table.

Things I’ve learned from GIFs

–       Everybody loves Stiles

–       He’s not the main character, he’s the wisecracking human sidekick

–       Tyler Posey plays the main character (for some reason I don’t know his name)

–       There’s a handsome broody guy called Derek

–       Gay guys? I’m not entirely sure if there are actually any gay guys or if there have just been enough Tumblr GIF sets to make it seem like there are

–       Stiles turns evil at some point. I think possession is involved?

–       There is a girl called Allison who I think hunts werewolves? She has arrows?

–       She dies and it upset a lot of people

–       I will probably love Lydia Martin because I adore bitchy, popular girl characters

And that is everything I have been spoiled about on Tumblr. From now on I’m going to actually make an effort to avoid spoilers and forget what I already know to experience the show anew. I have three and a half seasons to get through, so let the adventure begin!


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